Gods in depression

İlyas Akın
2 min readNov 28, 2020


Many of you would say “We are intelligent beings. That’s what makes us different from animals.” if someone asked you “What makes us differ from animals.”

Photo by Hristina Šatalova on Unsplash

If you would give the statement above if someone asked you the question on above, you probably think that animals do everything with experiences that engraved in their DNA that called instincts. That’s correct… just partly. Intelligence is not the word that exactly answers that question. Contrary to popular belief, animals can actually think. They can think where to attack from to their prey. They can think routes to escape from their current situation etc.

Only thing that ever separates us from animals is ability to create fictional thoughts. These thoughts lead us to the “What if…?” question. Question that single handedly created thousands of civilizations, wars, books, tales and of course gods.

Capabilities of an average human mind is amazing and all that’s happening with a single question. With this question human mind can create a state that rules over the people in it. Human mind can create ideas and spread them to the other minds. Human mind can create gods that exceeds far beyond itself’s power. Practically speaking, every human mind is a god.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Like every god human mind experiences problems. For instance it doesn’t know it is a god — which is strange — , sabotages itself constantly, destroys it’s own beloved creations (Oops, sorry! Wrong god!), hates itself, self overestimation and underestimation etc…

But human mind tends to be unaware of some traits it has.

  • Ability to change itself.
  • Ability to intervene unwanted & depressive thoughts.
  • Ability to change its way of thinking.

These traits are so powerful that no other “legit” gods have these. Yet human mind is so blind. Maybe it doesn’t want to see these? Maybe it escapes from its responsibility to itself?

Illustration by Ryan J. Neal on ArtStation

To all gods reading this: It’s time to ask “What if I can change myself?”



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