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We use Node-RED (v1.3.4) for microservice-like services at my company.

Here are some thoughts on Node-RED:

It’s no secret that Node-RED GUI is not an IDE. And, of course, it is not meant to be an IDE. That’s perfectly ok for small to medium-scale applications. …

UI/UX is often overlooked by front-end developers. It’s a whole different discipline, yet very close to front-end development since the front-end developer is the one that makes the design well... work.

Here are some points on why you should learn UI/UX as a front-end developer:

You’ll be able to spot non-obvious design mistakes

“person using laptop” from John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Since you are the one…

So you started to use a CSS framework called Tailwind. You can write components lightning fast, you don’t need to create a separate CSS file for styles, everything is perfect right?.. right?


I’ll try to explain in few points.

Fundamentally Wrong

Let’s start with what the term “CSS” stands for.


Many of you would say “We are intelligent beings. That’s what makes us different from animals.” if someone asked you “What makes us differ from animals.”

Photo by Hristina Šatalova on Unsplash

If you would give the statement above if someone asked you the question on above, you probably think that animals do everything with experiences…

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