5 Useful VSCode Extensions to use in 2022

İlyas Akın
1 min readJan 21, 2022

1- Dependency Analytics

Dependency Analytics is a simple extension that helps you to make sure your project’s dependencies do not have any known vulnerabilities using Snyk under the hood. It also checks your dependencies’ license compatibility with your project. In any case, it might avoid a headache later.

2- Jest Runner

Basically, it approximately does the same thing with the test runner on the JetBrains IDE’s. It helps you to run or debug a single test or test suite with a single click. Definitely a must-have in my opinion.

3- Template String Converter

If you are working with JavaScript — or TypeScript — you might know a thing or two about converting good ol’ quotes to template strings. This extension does that automatically for you! Yay.

4- Error Lens

This extension makes errors and warnings more visible to the eye. If them being more visible does not annoy you, this extension is for you.

5- MySQL Inline Decorator MKII

Have you tired of seeing MySQL code that has no colors in JavaScript and TypeScript files? Well, this extension is for you then.

PS. This extension is a — very — fast fork of MySQL Inline Decorator and, it’s published by me.